At the Washington DC Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Center (WENTAC), we see many patients suffering from chronic sinus infections each year.  In fact, sinus conditions are the primary focus of our practice.  Dr. Stephen Wall has particular expertise in the management and care of most sinus conditions, with a concentration on nasal polyps, recurrent infections, deviated septum issues, turbinate problems, seasonal allergies and environmental allergies.  Each of these areas is inter-related and must be considered when developing a management plan.

Dr. Wall is changing the way sinusitis is treated in the Washington DC region by dramatically and instantly improving patient’s conditions with a new in-office procedure. This innovation in the treatment of debilitating sinusitis symptoms is called XprESS™, a balloon sinus dilation procedure that is so simple and quick it can be done in the physician’s office.  Are you a candidate for this procedure?

Do you have headaches or pressure in your sinuses due to fluid buildup?

Have you been diagnosed previously with chronic sinusitis?

Do you have family members who have been treated for “sinus” problems”?

Now you can have your sinus drainage problems fixed without the discomfort of surgery, without the need for hospitalization and with a much shorter time period for recovery!

There is an in-office procedure developed for a subset of patients who do not have dramatic problems with their nasal anatomy. Our advanced technology allows the transfer of procedures from the hospital to the office-setting, with shorter recovery times and minimal inconvenience.

Please see the videos for explanations that illustrate why sinus infections develop.

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